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How backlinks help you boost your SEO, get more referral traffic, and generate qualified leads?

Vishnu Goyal
Vishnu Goyal
Founder & CMO

Since last 5 days, I have been working EXTRA hard!

I work hard every day.

But since last 5 days, it’s been EXTRA hard.


Well, I have been busy for good preparing all these delicious articles for you on:

→ SEO.

→ Organic growth.

→ Boosting your business without bleeding on ads!

Just in case you missed the latest growth ‘hacks’ I shared in there, I am making latest 3 editions easily accessible for you right here 👇

How long your content should be to get on top of Google Search?

Why you need to be grammatically correct in marketing and business?

How to write catchy headlines that draw attention & clicks?

You can go on and take a look 👀 at 👆

“Okay, will do”

Still here?

Alright, cool. 

Moving on!

If you are still hanging in here, chances are 👇

→ You didn’t click on any of the above links.

→ You clicked one, two, or all of the above links and opened ‘em all in new tabs.

→ You took a note in your subconscious and thinking “I am gonna check ‘em out once I finished reading this one.”

To heaven for a moment with whatever you did, I got one cool thing done!

“🤔 What’s that?”

I built backlinks to three of my blogs!

And that’s what we call “building backlinks” in SEO!

“Oh, okay okay, I got it. Go on, tell me more.”

Sure thing!

When you link your “own” blogs and pages from your “own” blogs and pages, that’s internal link building.

When you chase others and beg-slash-get them to link from “their” blogs and pages to “your” blogs and pages, that’s external link building.

Both are VITAL to get your content up in Google.


Let me explain. 

I believe you are familiar with how democratic system works, right?

“Yes, I am.”

How a leader is selected in that system? 

You vote, your fellow citizens vote, and the candidate who gets most votes wins the election.

Now think like this:

→ Google Search Page is a big “election”

→ Content of yours and content of all other people competing for the same topic are “candidates”

→ Each backlink is a “vote”

Now that’s simple to you, I hope.

More backlinks means more votes to your content. And the more votes it gets, the higher your content gets in Google Search. 

That’s why you need links for your content. In short, you need votes for your content to make it to the top!

While building external backlinks is hard and need VERY high level of expertise in collaborating with multiple websites, building internal links is less pain in the head!

And besides boosting your rankings on Google, link building also gets you some more benefits without needing you to befriend them!

“Benefits. What benefits?”

Benefits like higher referral traffic. 

Benefits like more leads.


Even if you didn’t click on the articles I linked to in the top section of this article, I am sure some of the other good folks who are reading this article will surely do. That’s free “referral traffic” for me - traffic referred by the links I built.

I get more views and reach for my content. 

You and other subscribers get to see more of good content. 

Win win. 

“Okay, I get it. But how exactly does backlinks get me more leads?”

Sure, I will let you know that. 

But before I come to that point, I wanna let you know one more thing. 

And it’s important for you to know. 

You see, backlinks are like 33% of total SEO efforts, as far as my 8+ years of SEO experience tells me! You might have the best website and best content on the internet, but if it doesn’t have backlinks, it will hardly make the cut to the top on Google, especially for competitive keywords.

And building backlinks is damn hard work. 

Out of every 100 sites I audit, 95 of them suck at building links. No wonder their SEO doesn’t work despite loaded with 100s or 1000s of “high-quality” blogs.

If your website also doesn’t have a great link building strategy at play, you better get on to it. 

Oh, and to ensure that link building works for you, do ensure to take care of following factors:

→ “Anchor text”

→ “Context”

→ “Duplicate links”

→ “SEO priority pages”

→ “nofollow attribute”

And some more factors in case of external link building:

→ “DR”

→ “Spam score”

→ “PBNs”

→ “Editorial quality”

→ “And some more factors”

And if you miss to check above factors, Google can flag your website and take your rankings down.

In short, if link building done bad, it can put your website in Google’s bad books instead of good ones! Yes, Google punishes websites with spam links and explicitly prohibits the practice of “buying links” for SEO. It’s very well stated in link spam update of Google,

That’s why you should get an in-house SEO guy or an SEO agency to get backlinks done for you, rather than doing it by yourself and making a mess!

Sure, if you wanna experiment with your SEO, your website is all yours to do all you want!

But if your business depends on your website, you would wanna get your SEO links done by an expert rather than taking bets on it!

Yeah, that’s the important point I was telling you.

Oh, and sorry, I got diverted a bit!

You were asking about how link building can get you more leads.

I’ve already shown you, not in an explicit way though!

Let me clarify.

You can scroll up a bit and see I have added link of my company’s SEO work on “SEO agency” text. 

You might have noticed that while reading and might even have clicked that. Even if you didn’t, 2-4% of the people reading this article will do.

Imagine 1000 people reading this article. 

4% clicking on the “SEO agency” link. That’s 40 more people seeing SEO work of ZeroAdo.

Out of 40 people, let’s say 3% will fill the contact form to reach out for SEO services. That’s 1 qualified lead.

You add this number for 100 live blogs or 1000 live blogs on your website, it quickly adds up to 100s and 1000s GOOD QUALIFIED INBOUND leads getting added to your sales pipeline, just by good backlinks.

And that’s how link building works! Getting you 👇

✅ Higher rankings. 

✅ More traffic from Google.

✅ More referral traffic.

✅ More qualified leads.

✅ More sales and growth.

If you are not bullish on links already, what better time than now to get it going?

Start building links today or hire to get it done for you. Your call.

Vishnu Goyal
Founder & CMO
Just one of the 8 billion here; spending most of my time playing with words, numbers, and web in pursuit of an imperfect life, raising humanity, and building one carefree world.