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How does the exact future of AI in marketing look like? [Clickbait]

Vishnu Goyal
Vishnu Goyal
Founder & CMO

If you clicked on the title of this article thinking I know the future of AI in Marketing, sorry, I don't know!

And all others who claim to know "the exact future of AI in Marketing" are telling damn lies.

“Why did you do this to me, Vishnu? I thought I could trust you!”

Trust me! You can still trust me!

“But you just manipulated me to click on your article.”

Yes, I did, not to manipulate you but to make a point - a point about “clickbait.”

“What are you talking about?”

I am saying that “Here is the exact future of AI in Marketing you need to know” is a clickbait title!

“And what the hell is that?”

Crafting “clickbait titles” is a damn sick tactic used by twisted folks in SEO & Marketing.

→ Clickbait titles promise more than what's actually covered by the content they are entitled to.

→ Clickbait titles are titles that promise you more but deliver less.

→ Clickbait titles are titles that promise one thing but end up delivering another.

Picture this 👇

You watch the trailer of a movie.

You find yourself moved!

You find it so damn good that you CAN’T WAIT to watch the whole damn movie.

You follow the release.

You manage to book the tickets for the first show.

You free up your schedule.

And finally, the moment arrives - a moment you have been waiting for so long!

You enter the theater with your chilled drink and popcorn tub.

And you let the fun begin.

5 minutes into the movie.

10 minutes into the movie.

15 minutes into the movie.

And now you are yawning!

You start cursing the trailer in your head.

You start cursing the director, the actors, and every damn thing associated with that movie.

And you plan to exit, losing a bit of respect and trust for everyone involved with that movie.

Now get back to the world of SEO & content marketing, and just replace that goddamn trailer with clickbait title.

That's what a clickbait title is!

To make it more simple to understand, let me put it this way 👇

If, after seeing a title that you find interesting, you click to read more and feel cheated, that means the title is clickbait.

→ How can this one trick help you grow your business by 100X? (reality: that poor trick can not even help with 10% business growth)

→ How to earn up to 1 million working just 2 hours a day from home (reality: career scam)

→ How to burn fat in 14 days with no exercise and diet (reality: emotional scam)

👆 You see, all the above titles promise effortless business growth, career growth, and fitness, while in reality, no scheme exists that can fulfill the above promises.

All of these are clickbaits and designed to scam people like you and me.

Few people use clickbaits in marketing to increase clicks and traffic, while others use this malicious tactic to commit serious scams in finance and business.

“How do clickbait titles impact marketing and growth? Does it work?”

Hell yes! But only for the short term!

In the long term, using clickbait titles negatively impacts you, your reputation, and your business.

At the start, you see a great jump in your clicks.

People find titles interesting and they click more compared to a non-clickbait title.

As they figure out that they are not getting anything close to what you promised in your title, they feel cheated.

For a couple of times, they give you the benefit of doubt.

When they see interesting titles from your blog in search or on social, they still click to explore.

They do it a couple more times.

And gradually, they know what you and your strategy are up to.

After all, no one likes getting fooled again and again!

In the end, people and brands using clickbaits get punched in the face by their customers with 👇

→ Low trust

→ An audience that hates 'em

→ Go-go-gone brand engagement

→ And a few other losses that I am too tired to type here!

So, the takeaway for clickbaits in you (if it’s there, hah) 👇


Clickbaits are like Heroin.

They feel good in the start but take so much toll later that one regrets taking the first instance.

“Really? Heroine? Are you serious?”  

Okay okay, a bit less harmful than Heroine but you got the point, right?

Also, before you move on with your time, please forgive me for using a clickbait title for this article. I don’t use clickbaits and if you’ve been connected to me for a while, you know that. I used in this one to make a point and help you understand. Not gonna do it again! Promise! I hope we are all cool 😎

Vishnu Goyal
Founder & CMO
Just one of the 8 billion here; spending most of my time playing with words, numbers, and web in pursuit of an imperfect life, raising humanity, and building one carefree world.