19 Slide-In Pop-Up Examples to Help You Boost Lead Generation

slide-in pop-up examples

When people are scrolling down through the blogs and pages on your website, greeting them with a slide-in pop-up is a cool way to grab their attention and prompt them to fill a lead form or sign up for your products and services. 

Just in case, if you don’t know what a slide-in pop-up is, let me fill you in quickly. 

Imagine you are reading a blog about “how to learn AI” and as you are reading it, a small slide pops up somewhere on the page offering you a “30-day free AI course.” Would you be interested in that offer and will click on it to see more? Or will you fill the form inside that pop-up for immediate access to that “30-day free AI course” offer? I believe you will. 

That’s exactly what slide-in pop-ups are and what they are meant to do – To engage your website visitors and convert more traffic into leads. Quite helpful for lead generation and get a sales boost.

Now, let’s take a look at some awesome slide-in pop-ups used by some really cool brands. Tag along.

Best slide-in pop-up examples and ideas to help you boost lead generation 

Whether you want to grow your email list, sell something, book more meetings with prospect leads, or just boost engagement with your website visitors, you can do it all with slide-in pop-ups similar to these:

WP Engine

WP Engine, one of the most popular WordPress hosting companies in the world, organizes a virtual developer conference every year – DE{CODE} as they call it!

See how WP Engine uses slide-in pop-up to prompt visitors to see the recorded version of the event in case they missed it with the “Watch Now” button inside the pop-up 👇

Slide-in pop-up on website of WP Engine
Slide-in pop-up on website of WP Engine.

And when they are not promoting events, they are promoting their main product using a slide-in pop-up with a lucrative “4 months free” hosting offer. Just take a look 👇

Udesly Nexus

Udesly Nexus uses slide-in pop-up to promote their flagship product “Smootify” prompting visitors to “Discover Smootify” with a cool orange CTA button.

If you have a flagship product or launching a new one that you wanna showcase to all your website visitors and boost traction for it, a slide-in pop-up similar to Udesly Nexus can be really handy.


SproutVideo, a video hosting and live streaming platform, uses slide-in pop-up to grow its email list. Take a look 👇

I loved the simple yet powerful design. In the pop-up itself, they have beautifully mentioned what to expect from their newsletter – learning to leverage video for marketing and business, produce high quality videos, and latest video trends. Sounds exactly like an audience who would be interested in a platform like SproutVideo. And that’s exactly what makes this slide-in pop-up example so inspiring.

SproutVideo must be building a huge email list by boosting newsletter subscriptions using this pop-up and then promoting its products in those newsletters alongside helpful content around video marketing. Win-win – both for SproutVideo and subscribers.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social, a leading social media management software, prompts you to “Start Your Free Trial” “Before you leave” their blog 👇

Pretty cool, right?

If you run a software or a service company with availability of free trials, it’s a nice way to convert a good number of visitors into your prospects with a free trial offer. Some of them will definitely become paying customers, boosting your revenue and business growth.


Selzy, an email marketing platform, is also using slide-in pop-up to promote their upcoming Webinar 👇

Based on your marketing and business goals, just like the webinar promotion by Selzy, you can promote just about anything.


Postscript, an SMS solutions company for Shopify stores, uses a lead magnet slide-in pop-up on its blog. When I visited their blog, their slide-in pop-up offered me a free guide saying “Proven tactics to improve your list growth strategy.”

And just like most useful stuff, I immediately wanted it from Postscript. I hit the “Unlock Now” CTA button and got myself added to the Postscript list!

In short, Postscript did convert me with their slide-in pop-up. If they can, you can too!

BTW, here is one more from Postscript and in this one they are promoting their Webinar sign-ups 👇


What can I say about OptinMonster! They are champions in making not just slide-in pop-ups but any kind of up-ups. These are the folks who made Exit-Intent technology so popular. I love ‘em.

Just see how beautifully the OptinMonster team uses slide-in pop-ups to promote their flagship product – OptinMonster, one of the world’s best pop-up builder software.

Here is one more and in this one they are promoting their Webinar 👇


I landed on a MarketSplash blog about AI Content Generation Statistics. As I just started to scroll down, this slide-in pop-up on the bottom-right showed up 👇

In this pop-up, all they ask is to give them credit when using their stat. 

How this must be helping MarketSplash?

It must be getting some great backlinks to them. That’s one. 

Seeing this prompt on their data blogs, people using their data are prompted to give appropriate credit to MarketSplash, helping them build brand authority. 

Oh, and some backlinks as well for sure! Boosting their Domain Authority, SEO, and Organic Rankings.

See in the below snap, Domain Rating of 78, quite good score, Huh?

Domain Rating of MarketSplash.
Domain Rating of MarketSplash. [Source – Ahrefs]

JUNE Online Marketing


Slide-in pop-up on website of Hunter
Slide-in pop-up on website of Hunter.

Gravity Forms

Fast Company


Slide-in pop-up on website of Drip
Slide-in pop-up on website of Drip.

Digital Ocan

Slide-in pop-up on website of DigitalOcean
Slide-in pop-up on website of DigitalOcean.


Anthony Vicino

Leverage slide-in pop-ups to generate more leads from your website traffic

Cheers to you for making it this far! Now, you have got great ideas about how top businesses are leveraging slide-in pop-ups on their websites to book sales meetings, increase product sign-ups, grow newsletter lists, promote events, and tons of other things.

You can do it too. Get to work and design slide-in pop-ups for your website today to get maximum leads out of your traffic and website visitors. You deserve all of that growth!