82 Best Website Pop-up Examples & Ideas to Convert Visitors & Generate More Leads

Vishnu Goyal

Generating traffic on the website is not enough.

When people visit your website, do they take any action, fill a form, book a meeting, place an order, or just leave without doing anything?

I am sure you don’t want them to just leave. 

You want them to engage with your content, become your lead and customer. And that’s exactly where website pop-ups come into play. 

Using pop-ups is a great tactic to optimize your website for conversions and lead generation and ensure you generate maximum leads and sales from every visit. 

If you are just getting started with pop-ups or just want some inspiration to revamp your existing ones, you will love these pop-up examples and ideas I have curated from some of the top brands including my fav ones. Scroll down and enjoy.

Pop-up examples and ideas to engage visitors and level up your lead generation game

Come on, let’s see some amazing pop-up designs and templates from top brands and influencers, some of my favorites and am sure some of your favorites as well!

Zonka Feedback

I was reading customer experience challenges on the Zonka Feedback blog. And when I scrolled through, a pop-up greeted me – “Create your Free Account & start taking feedback in minutes!

If I am reading about customer challenges, quite obvious that I am also interested in ways to collect customer feedback and make their experience better. 

That’s why this pop-up made so much sense and resonated with me.

Did I sign up for Zonka Feedback and become their customer? I will leave that to your imagination!


I manage a lot of projects. A lot. 

So, one fine day I was just searching for cool apps to handle projects and that’s when I stumbled upon a blog from Wrike, one of the finest project management tools.

In between, I got a pop-up asking me to “stay in touch” with Wrike.

If you are looking to grow your email and newsletter list, that’s a great pop-up example from Wrike.


In the pop-up below, see WPCode, a popular plugin for adding code snippets to WordPress-powered websites, is giving $50 off if “you purchase today!

I loved how WPCode is showing off their product including impressive pictures of sites and “The #1 Code Snippets Plugin” badge! Build immediate trust and definitely a plus for converting strangers into customers.


Imagine you need to learn a skill very badly and someone comes to you saying “Let me make it easy and simple for you with a 30-day training. And it’s totally free. No charge.”

What will you do?

(I will say yes, yes, yes. Out loud!)

That’s exactly what WPBeginner, one of the most popular WordPress resources websites, is doing. Take a look at their website pop-up 👇

P.S. Love you, team WPBeginner! Huge fan of all your work in the WordPress community.

WP Standard

Just when I was trying to exit the website of WP Standard, an online store selling bags and accessories, they caught my attention with a lucrative 10% off offer. Take a look 👇

That’s makes a cool exit-intent pop-up example for your inspiration. No?

(I just heard you saying yes! Hope I am not hallucinating, hah!)

Exit intent pop-ups are a proven way to capture the attention of your visitors and get them to your email list just when they are leaving your site without placing an order. You should definitely use one on your website.


On the page of Wondershare Repairkit, a file and data repairing and recovery tool, I got this pop-up saying “Restore What Matters With AI” 👇

If I am browsing Wondershare Repairkit, it’s most likely I need help with repairing some file or restoring some data and that makes this pop-up so on-point – personalized exactly for what visitor needs at the moment. 

Does it convert? Did it convert me? You bet!


Wedoflow, maker of some really cool Webflow templates, pulls visitors into its email list via its pop-up offering “Webflow template straight in your Inbox!” 👇

If you are into Webflow or just looking for Webflow-powered sites inspiration, you’d definitely want those free templates and happily get in!


Webflow, a popular no-code website builder platform, uses pop-up to to promote its newly-launched “Localization” feature which allows Webflow users to make their website in any language for their global audience. 👇

I especially loved how they are showcasing the product with a real image of the platform right inside the pop-up. And the copy “Take your website worldwide” is totally attention grabbing or shall I say “catchy!”

If you have launched anything cool in your business or have an announcement to make that you want all your visitors to know, that pop-up from Webflow is a cool example.


I was doing my research on how to generate leads using WhatsApp and then I landed on an article about WhatsApp lead generation on the website of Wati, arguably the most popular WhatsApp messaging platform!

I read a bit. A bit more. And then, this pop-up showed up 👇

“Master WhatsApp, Master Your Market!” – the pop-up said!

Exactly what I want if I am reading a blog about “WhatsApp lead generation.”

Made total sense.

Did I sign up?

You can figure that out.


Wag! is an on-demand dog walking platform. When you are running too busy to take your dog for a walk, you can get instant help from Wag!

When you visit Wag! app online, the first thing you get is pop-up asking you to download their app for convenience. Make sense.

Pop-up on website of Wag!
Pop-up on website of Wag!

I believe they could make their pop-up much better with a little bit work on design side, but yeah, function-wise it is a sensible pop-up and must be getting the job done. Their website looks cool though.

A crazy Wag! fact: 400,000 Pet Caregivers are registered on Wag! Crazy number, right?


pop-up on website of VWO
Pop-up on website of VWO.





Tata Motors






Starter Story









Pawa IT Solutions

I was searching for some help related to Gmail settings in Google Workspace and landed on Pawa IT Solutions blog about setting up email addresses in Google Workspace. 

When I scrolled through, they presented me with this pop-up prompting me to sign up for Google Workspace via them and also get 10% off.

Isn’t that personalized?

If I didn’t already have an account, I’d have signed up seeing this pop-up!


Noah Kagan


Pop-up on the website of NapoleonCat.
Pop-up on the website of NapoleonCat.



Marketer Milk







Pop-up on website of KrispCall
Pop-up on website of KrispCall.


Pop-up on website of KlientBoost
Pop-up on website of KlientBoost.


Joanna Hardis

James Clear

Irresistible Me





Gravity Wiz

Godrej Properties

Girlfriend Collective




Elegant Themes


pop-up on website of Dripify
Pop-up on website of Dripify.





Ctrl Alt Grow


Constant Contact








Artisan AI

Pop-up on website of Artisan AI
Pop-up on website of Artisan AI.



Aegis Softtech

Go, get more leads with pop-ups

Now you have got enough of pop-ups inspiration! Now put this knowledge to use, build some great pop-ups for your website and start winning your lead generation and sales game even by more scores.