Focus keywords in content strategy: Traffic versus conversion

Vishnu Goyal
Founder & CMO

Asking questions and asking “right” questions are two different things. Similarly, answering questions and answering “right” questions are two different things.

The right content strategy doesn’t answer any/all questions, but the “right” questions for the “right” people, focusing on a set of keywords relevant to your target audience and business offerings.

While you craft your content strategy, it might be tempting to focus on keywords with high search volume. After all, who doesn’t want to get more hits?

However, before going ahead with picking up those high search volume keywords, ask yourself one question: “Are those keywords relevant to my target audience and in the context of the products and services I am offering?”

If the answer is yes, go ahead, write blog posts and make your best content around those keywords.

If the answer is no, avoid the temptation to include those irrelevant keywords in your content bucket. Plus, exclude them from your SEO wishlist, no matter how many searches they garner.

Remember, the primary purpose of your content marketing efforts is to generate conversions, not traffic. 1K page-views with 100 conversions are better than 100K page-views with only 10 conversions.

For your business to grow, “low-volume quality traffic” is much better than “high-volume junk traffic.” So, never get lured by the search volume and always prioritize “conversion-focused keywords” over “traffic-focused keywords.” That makes the right SEO content strategy.

BTW, have you ever published a blog post or page that generates vast traffic but no leads? If yes, what lesson you learned from it? What corrective steps did you take? I’d love to know.

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Vishnu Goyal
Founder & CMO
Just one of the 8 billion here; spending most of my time playing with words, numbers, and web in pursuit of an imperfect life, raising humanity, and building one carefree world.

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