13 Handpicked SEO Copywriting Examples to Inspire You

SEO copywriting examples to learn from.

Copywriting is not easy and SEO copywriting is even tougher. Because you are writing to appeal both to your audience as well as a search engine which are two poles apart things. It is indeed difficult but not impossible and I am going to share some SEO copywriting examples which will prove that to you. 

Just brace yourself because your mind is about to be blown! I am giving examples only from the best of best brands who have truly nailed SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting examples to take inspiration for your brand! 

All the SEO examples of copywriting below have been picked up after a thoughtful inspection and they tick off most of the check boxes from the SEO copywriting checklist. 

Also, after being in the SEO and content industry for 5 years, I believe I also have a fair understanding of good and bad copywriting so I’d be sharing my insights as well. 

Let’s get into it! 


As our name itself suggests, there are people with no ‘ado’. You will never find us saying things like “without further ado” – that was the mission statement we started our company with and that is what has helped us do our best work as well.

ZeroAdo makes an SEO copywriting example for bold SEO copies.
Snapshot from ZeroAdo

So here is an SEO copywriting example from our own website itself. We are clear that we provide SEO-Led Growth and we get into it with all the fire. 

The copy has all the important aspects of a good SEO copywriting. 

  • It clearly depicts in the most simple words what we do and what we provide. You can easily make out that we provide SEO services. 
  • We have shared numbers aka data, to explain why you should choose us. The data is very precise along with the time frame as well. We have clearly stated how long it took us to give a certain kind of result to our client. 
  • Then we have clearly made a bold statement by being raw and unfiltered and making use of the ‘not so official’ language. The word ‘BS’ is our way to say that we are transparent people and we get your results and we focus on things that truly matter. 
  • Finally, there is a CTA that is ‘you’ focused. It triggers an emotion within you since it is challenging you by asking you point blank that “do you want crazy growth?” 

In response to that, then there is an answer as well – “Yes I want crazy growth for my business.” 

The entire copy of 50-60 words keeps you hooked, it is giving you the stats as well, and finally it is also triggering some emotions within you. The clarity in this copy is uncanny. With such less words so much has been done and that is what we call good SEO copywriting. 

Not to praise our own self but the ZeroAdo Crew is doing some crazy work out there and they deserve a shoutout for it! 


Ah! Who doesn’t like Apple. Apple is one of the brands that has curated its image very carefully and SEO copywriting had a huge role to play in it. Since the beginning of the time they have been emotionally connected to their customers. 

They established themselves as a status symbol. There could be a Samsung phone out there costing just as much as an iPhone yet the iPhone will be chosen when it comes down to choosing a status symbol in society. 

NGL, that is some godly level shit that Apple has done and their content team deserves some credit for that. Cutting to 2024, their copywriting is just as good and that is why they are one of the SEO copywriting examples. 

Apple is one of the best SEO copywriting examples.

Here is the first one. Checkout the way they have clearly conveyed what they wanted to within just 25 words. You know about an offer, you know what all you are getting in that offer, and you also know where you can access it. 

Now that is the kind of clarity every SEO copywriter must try to have in their content. There are no fancy words, there is no in-depth content, and nothing is over the top, yet the message has been put out there! 

SEO copywriting sample from Apple to ace copywriting.

Coming to the next one, in the following image you will notice that brilliantly the iPhone has been described with just a few words 

They truly know what their product is known for and they are leveraging that to the fullest. 3-4 words are all they have used to describe every feature and we are all sold. 

My personal favorite is “Selfie-takers. Movie-makers. Boundary-breakers.” 

They are well aware that cameras are one of the most renowned features of their phones and they are leveraging that to the fullest by telling you to break some boundaries with the creativity and features that their cameras have to offer. 

SEO copywriting example from Apple.

“Easy to use. Easy to love.” 

They said it all while describing MacBook as well. They further add that the MacBook is just as easy as an iPhone and you can connect them as well. This is a copy that helps them upsell as well since it clearly states that you can build your own Apple ecosystem for work. 


MyOperator is ZeroAdo’s client that we are very proud of and we have been working with consistently for years now to help them grow. 

They made it to their list because they set an SEO copywriting sample for all of us. In the following image you can clearly see that they have described what they offer in the least amount of words possible and the entire copy is so personalized that it feels like it has been written specifically for you. 

MyOperator is an example of SEO copywriting for their crisp copies.

All the things you can look for or all the questions you can have regarding their solution have been cleared out within the hero section itself and along with that there is a big CTA button, clearly offering you a free trial. 

I mean I would hit that button in a second as a customer especially because all my pain points have been addressed right in the beginning itself. Anything more that I need to know is something that only a trial can tell me and I would be all in to get that. 

No doubt their customer base is growing every second day! 


Nike has been my favorite sports brand since the beginning and their fantastic products are not the only reason. They are also one of the brands who has understood the power of emotions in marketing and have leveraged that to the fullest in their campaigns and promotional videos. 

What surprises me is that, it is not only their crazy entertaining video campaigns that triggers you to buy their products but also their perfectly curated SEO copies that directly hit your spot and trigger you to act. 

Look at the following images and you will know what I am talking about. 

Nike is one of the examples of SEO copywriting for their power words.

It starts with “Win on Air” sharing exactly which product of theirs they are talking about and ends with “specification of championship athletes.” 

That’s it and the case is closed! They told you which product you should go for if you want to experience the products that your favorite athletes use. This is top-tier copywriting because it is appealing to you on so many levels. 

  • It is precise. 
  • It is hitting your soft spot of wanting to feel like a champ. 
  • It is telling you that it is worth trying because the product has been designed with the help of experienced athletes. That means they have conveyed their USP as well. 
Nike can be used as an SEO copywriting sample to learn from.

Coming to the next section. Here, they have clearly conveyed that their product is top-tier and can be used anywhere aka track, court , or pitch and can help you compete and even win against your best opponent. 

That again is a brilliant way of telling product specifications while also appealing to you at an emotional level. 

Tiffany & Co. 

Every girl has a dream to be proposed by their lover sitting on one knee with a Tiffany & Co. ring box in their hands. 

I can vouch for it because hey I am also one of those girls. XD 

But why has Tiffany & Co. become synonymous to engagement rings?

Here is how! 

In 1886, the founder came up with the now famous engagement ring design of diamond over a gold band and ever since then they have used that to advance their products as a token of love. 

They know what they are recognized for and even after 200 years they are leveraging that through their campaigns and SEO copies. 

“Love & Engagement” says it all. 

Once they have leveraged the emotions of their customers through their copy they then move on to tell how they have one of the best diamonds in the industry and best jewels ‘specifically’ designed for engagement purposes. 

In short, they are telling their USP, they are precise about it, and they are building an emotional connection as well with their customers. 


Tiffany & Co. is an SEO copywriting example as their copies induce emotions.


I am sorry to break it to you but you will not be accepted in the society if you do not like chocolates because how can someone not like chocolates! 

Jokes apart, chocolate is one of the most loved products out there in the market and today it has become synonymous with Hershey’s. 

I love how they have also conveyed this through their website. They make one of the best SEO copywriting examples because of how brilliantly they have conveyed about their product on their website. 

You want chocolate syrup? 

A good chocolate bar? 

A milk chocolate? 

Get Heryshey’s!

To add an emotional flair to it they have used adjectives like “heartwarming” and “sweet memories.” 

Now who is going to say no to that? 

Hershey’s is one of the SEO copywriting examples.


Porsche is a brand that needs no introduction and they are well aware of that themselves. 

Since they know the fact that they are widely recognised for who they are, they keep their copies to the point and just touch the intent of their buyers through that. 

For instance you will notice in the following image they have described their car models using different power words. 

For one they have said “pure driving pleasure” while for the other they have used aggressive power words like “exceptional performance.” 

There is no unnecessary information and both the copies have been written keeping in mind the target audience. Within 15 words, they have conveyed the type of engine there is, the type of car it is, and the type of experience it is going to give you and they are done! 

Truly an iconic brand in all the possible ways! 

SEO copywriting examples from Porsche.


PayPal is a top brand in the fintech industry because of how simple it made it to make payments and receive them especially internationally. That is exactly what they have conveyed through their SEO copywriting as well. 

“The world is your shopping mall,” aka you can buy anything from anywhere as most of the stores accept payments through PayPal. 

“Pay it the way you want,” this further clarifies that PayPal not only lets you pay anyone and anywhere it also gives you several options to choose from to pay. For instance you can use both debit and credit cards or add money directly to your PayPal. 

SEO copywriting example from PayPal.


How can we talk about examples of SEO copywriting and not have ChatGPT in the list. ChatGPT was a revolutionizing product in the market and for another decade or two we would see it ruling the market. 

Of course the solution is amazing, but the way the OpenAI team has described it is even better. They made it as simple as possible and that was another one of the reasons that people could resonate and understand what is being provided to them. 

Of course a lot of the attention they got was from word of mouth. But consider a scenario where you do not know what ChatGPT is and you discover it out of the blue, then here is the copy that will make you try it out. 

“Free to use. Easy to try. Just ask and ChatGPT can help with writing, learning, brainstorming and more.” 

Everything is self explanatory, it is precise, and it also induces a sense of curiosity within the reader that pushes them to give it a try. 

SEO copywriting example from ChatGPT.


Did I just make you nostalgic by mentioning GTA!? Well, today it is not my favorite game just because of how entertaining and fun to play it is but also because of their team’s copywriting skill! Like woah! 

They know what they are selling and they are putting it out there in the most fun way possible through words. 

“Experience entertainment blockbusters, Grand Theft Auto V, and GTA Online.” 

It sounds very ordinary to read, but let me tell you what makes it an SEO copywriting example. 

  • They mentioned two of their products – GTA V and GTA Online. So now you are aware of what they are providing. 
  • Then they have shared the kind of experience you are going to get – Entertainment Blockbusters. So you know what you can expect from the game. 
  • Finally, it is followed by two CTA’s one asking you to buy while the other is asking you to watch the trailer. 

It is a game, and no one is looking for in depth details, it gave exactly what the audience would have wanted, thus, catering to the customer’s intent. 

SEO copywriting examples from GTA.


“Your life’s work, powered by our life’s work.” 

First of all, how inspiring and emotion- inducing that statement is. Zoho team, you are killing us out here with that copy! 

Once the Zoho team captured your attention with something so creative and meaningful, they then moved on to explain about their software and also to explain how the previous copy makes sense. 

They share few important details within 20-25 words thus making it precise and conveying more with less words. 

  • They have shared that it is a “software suite” so you know that it is a detailed solution. 
  • Then they have shared that it can be used by businesses of all sizes which could have been a common question from clients. 
  • Finally, they touched a pain point of privacy, and attended to it right then and there by saying that they “value privacy.”

Anything else, if you want to know in detail then you can always go beyond the hero section otherwise all the crucial things have been conveyed through that copy.  

SEO copywriting sample from Zoho.


The next SEO copywriting example is our homegrown brand, which brought some turbulence to the fintech market. It did so by making things like paying electricity bills and getting phone recharges possible through the comfort of your home. 

I am talking about none other than Paytm. Other than doing a brilliant job in the market, they also did a great job in terms of copywriting and here is an example. 

“Pay anyone directly from your bank account.” 

The copy is so clear in itself that I do not even need to read further. However, thye go on to further explain everything about it and contactless secure payments. 

This is just one of the examples among the many copies they have on their website. 

  • Each copy is self explanatory. 
  • They give you a sense of satisfaction since the headings itself are answering your queries. 
  • And they are very precise copies. One glance and you can read it all. 
Paytm has some of the best SEO copywriting examples.


Razorpay gave what Indian businesses needed – an easy payment gateway for both domestic and international payments. Their solution is so good that several international brands have also failed in front of them in India. 

But it wasn’t just their solution it was also how they proposed it through their copies. 

“Effortless banking for India’s finest disruptors.” 

Through this copy, here is how they are subconsciously making the clients choose them. 

  • They have used a bold word ‘disruptors’ everyone wants to be referred to as one in their own industry thus, they have captured your attention though that. 
  • They say ‘effortless banking’ thus telling about their solution and mostly signifying how it is making your life easy. 
  • Using the country name – it is instilling a feeling of patriotism and also signifying that this is a solution for you created by your own people. 
  • Lately, the copy is to the point, creative and yet highly informational. 

We can’t help but acknowledge that Razorpay nailed their SEO copy. 

SEO copywriting examples from Razorpay.

Nail copywriting with the best SEO copywriting examples! 

I know these copies seem way too easy and ordinary but they actually are not. When you will lift your pen to write, you will know then how much effort has been put into these copies. 

The above mentioned examples of SEO copywriting have been curated very carefully by the brands and I am sure that some copies even took days to come up with. But, now that you have the basics of SEO copywriting along with examples, it is going to be way easier for you. 

All you need to do is understand your audience, give them what they are asking for, and be precise while doing so. 

Happy copywriting!