10 Best SEO Copywriting Tools in 2024

Best SEO copywriting tools to create top-tier copies.

A little help hurts no one, rather it only makes your work better, you more efficient, and of course saves you some time as well. So to lend you a little hand, I am sharing some of the best SEO copywriting tools that can help you write the best copies out there. 

Go nail SEO copywriting with the best tools out there! 

SEO copywriting tools to help you write the best copies ever! 

Brace yourself because this list talks about the nitty gritty of all the SEO copywriting tools and how they assist you in the process. Also, you can trust every tool in this list blind since I have mentioned them only after using them on my own and trust me no one is paying me to promote them! XD 


It will be a shame if we talk about anything about SEO and don’t mention Ahrefs. It is an SEO copywriting software for all your needs. It is one of the top SEO copywriting keyword tools in the market. 

SEO copywriting tool Ahrefs.
Keyword research simplified with SEO copywriting tool Ahrefs. [Source – Ahrefs]

Here is a glimpse into everything that you can do with Ahrefs. 

  • Well, you can do keyword research like a pro! I prefer it over Semrush because the way keyword data is structured within Ahrefs is way more filterable. 
  • It can analyze your entire website for SEO copywriting and point out the issues in your meta title and meta description as per SEO guidelines. 
  • Through the keywords and questions that you get during your keyword research, you can analyze the intent of the user and curate your copy accordingly. 
  • Since with Ahrefs you do keyword research, it gives you a direction to work towards and once you have that, it becomes 10X easier to write a top-tier SEO copy. 


  • Lite – USD 129 /mo
  • Standard – USD 249 /mo
  • Advanced – USD 449 /mo
  • Enterprise – USD 14,990 /yr

Srishti’s Review 

8/10 – The pricing is over the top for freelancers and individual workers and they have taken away some crucial features from the Lite plan. 


As a beginner in the industry, when I knew nothing about content writing (by nothing I mean literally nothing!) Hemingway was truly my best friend. 

I am not going to bore you with the hows and whys of my writing journey with Hemingway so here are all the things you should know about Hemingway as an SEO copywriting software. 

SEO copywriting software Hemingway Editor.
Enhance and correct copies with SEO copywriting software Hemingway Editor. [Source – Hemingway Editor]
  • It is brilliant! It is your guide, it is your mentor and it is the friend you can rely on because it only suggests the best of improvements within your copy both from the user and SEO perspective. 
  • It has a readability score that gives you an idea about how easy or difficult your copy is to read and understand. The easier, the better. 
  • It gives you stats down to the number of characters and reading time of course. 
  • On top of all of this, it clearly states how long a sentence is, if it is good from the user’s perspective to read, and also if you should find alternate words within your sentence. 

Getting such precise insights on your copies just pushes you to do better. And if all this is not enough then they have their own AI solution as well that can help you fix your writing. 


Free! Free! Free!

Srishti’s Review 

8/10 – It is too strict! It judges your content like sharks analyze business models in shark tanks. 


Sometimes we feel that we have done our best job yet we find something missing in our copy that we are unable to put a finger on. It just does not feel right. In one such situation, SEO copywriting tool Grammarly will come to the rescue. 

SEO copywriting tool Grammarly.
Set goals for your copies with the SEO copywriting tool Grammarly. [Source – Grammarly]
  • As its name itself suggests, it can check the grammar of your SEO copy but along with that it can do a lot more like analyze the tone which will help you know what your copy sounds like. 
  • If your copy is too long to read then its sentence rewriting feature can automatically make it crisp and to the point to improve the experience, and I must tell you this feature is amazing at its job. 
  • There are high chances that your copy might be similar to those existing online already since everyone is trying to convey more in as few words as possible. So its plagiarism checker helps remove any content that is written exactly the same way as other copies on the internet. 
  • It can suggest alternative words as well to improve your sentence’s structure and reading experience. 
SEO copywriting software Grammarly.
Assess, improvise, and make copies crisp with SEO copywriting software Grammarly. [Source – Grammarly]

Grammarly is a versatile tool and it can do way more than what its name gives away. You can only experience what it has to offer once you try it yourself, so I’d suggest that you do that! 


  • Free version 
  • Premium – USD 12/monthly/billed annually 

Srishti’s Review 

9/10 – I love the tool, but it still struggles to work with its maximum potential in Google Docs. 

CoSchedule headline-analyzer 

Writing headlines is one of the trickiest kinds of copies to write. 

Why, you must ask. 

Because these copies have to be SEO optimized for search engines, while also creative and interesting enough for the user to click on. Building this lethal combination is quite a task and a little help would hurt no one. 

CoSchedule’s headline-analyzer can help you in this process as it analyzes your headline both from user and SEO perspective. 

  • It gives a headline score keeping in mind the readability, sentiment, clarity, and skimmability of the headline. 
SEO copywriting tool CoSchedule headline analyzer.
Snapshot from CoSchedule Headline Studio
  • It also shared the use of common and uncommon words within your headline so you can always make your headline unique yet easy to understand. 
SEO copywriting software CoSchedule headline analyzer.
Snapshot from CoSchedule Headline Studio
  • It gives an SEO score as well in which it takes keyword density, keyword quality, and headline competition as metrics to share insights on. 
CoSchedule headline analyzer copywriting tool for SEO.
CoSchedule headline analyzer copywriting tool for SEO.
  • Along with that it also has a headline AI which can answer all your queries related to headlines and optimize them for users as well as SEO. 
CoSchedule headline analyzer, an SEO copywriting tool.
CoSchedule headline analyzer, an SEO copywriting tool. [Snapshot from CoSchedule Headline Studio.]


  • Monthly – USD 6
  • Annually – USD 49 

Srishti’s Review 

8/10 – Some suggestions are a little unrealistic since it is only a tool and not a human so there are aspects that it cannot understand and that can make your copies sound robotic. 

Google Docs

How can I not add this SEO copywriting tool, after all, I write all my copies for SEO in the Google Doc! 

Google Docs have made copy writing easier than ever mostly because you can research while simultaneously working on it and all your progress gets saved automatically. But here are a few more reasons that make Google Docs ideal for SEO copywriting. 

SEO copywriting tool Google Docs.
Create, edit, and structure copies with one of the best SEO copywriting tools Google Docs. [Source – Google Docs]
  • You can add heading tags and create a proper structure for content which is ready to go live. 
  • You can edit your copies in real-time by collaborating with your team members as well. 
  • You get an automatic grammar check as Google Docs highlight spelling and grammatical errors by underlining them. 
  • You have the option to write both in American and British English, which further simplifies your workflow as you do not have to change one into the other using any third party app. 


Zero bucks! 

Srishti’s Review 

10/10 – If I deduct a point from Google Docs then it would probably be for being too perfect. 

Unsuck It 


That’s exactly how your readers feel while reading any jargon and ‘professional lingo’ in your copies. People like it raw! They want to see the unfiltered versions of you and your business in the SEO copies. 

Not gonna lie, but Google loves that too and you will always find easy to understand content ranking better than the pieces of copies with words so heavy that even a hippo can’t handle their burden. 

“The quintessential shampoo that you don’t want but NEED.”

That copy sucks in so many ways that I don’t even have enough fingers to count on. Sure as hell no one is going to buy that ‘quintessential’ shampoo. So what to do? 

Well unsuck it with Unsuck-It. (Pardon me, that sounded funnier in my head.)

Top SEO copywriting tool unsuck it.
Unsuck your copies with one of the top SEO copywriting tools – Unsuck It. [Source – Unsuck It]

Unsuck It is your jargon dictionary that helps you in making your highly sucky copies unsuck a little less by helping you simply those for your audience. 

It’s time you understand that those hard to read and even harder to understand are liked by none. The only effect they have on the human mind is irritation and that’s not what you want your customer to feel like. Also, if you notice the best SEO copywriting examples are the ones which are easy to understand and not the ones with fancy words. 

So let go of the 2016 habits of writing and use – Unsuck-It, the not so official dictionary to jargons! 



Srishti’s Review 

6/10 – Not enough jargons have been covered yet, they have a lot of work to take care of. 


Clearscope stands by its name and helps you create SEO copies that have a clear scope of taking your business far (pun intended). Clearscope is an AI based SEO copywriting tool that helps you in repurposing existing content as well as making new one. 

SEO copywriting tool Clearscope.
Clearscope is one of the top ​​copywriting tools for SEO. [Source – Clearscope]
  • It helps you create more contact from your already existing content so it can be repurposed for various channels thus saving you time and giving you ideas to create better SEO copies. 
  • It focuses on making your copies readable, clickable, and shareable by telling you the readability of your copies, and giving you a grade based on the copies written. 
  • It can also integrate with other tools like Google Docs, WordPress, and Microsoft thus adding value to your workflow by making you more productive. 
  • It understands what search intent is and how important it is to cater it within your content, thus helping you create copies that truly matches the intent of your reader and helps you convert them into a customer. 


  • Essentials – USD 189/month
  • Business – USD 399/month 

Srishti’s Review 

8/10 – Pricing is over the top for individual creators. 

Content Shake

Content Shake is a top SEO copywriting tool.
Content Shake is a top SEO copywriting tool to create amazing copies but quickly! [Source – Content Shake]

Content Shake by Semrush is a top SEO copywriting software that helps you create copies of all kinds to grab user’s attention left, right, and center. With content shake’s help you can cut your writing time to half and still produce top-tier SEO copies. How? Let’s find out. 

  • It can enhance your copy for better in terms of the tone of voice to convey the right message. 
  • It can check, fix grammatical errors and even suggest alternate words to make your copy more precise and easy to understand as well. 
  • There will never be a dearth of inspiration, as it keeps sharing ideas and updates with you based on what is trending in the particular week so you can create copies that will have an instant impact. 
  • It can automate search and competitive analysis for your copies and titles to let you know where you stand and so you can optimize them as per SEO. 


It has a free trial available and it is available with Semrush membership as well. 

Srishti’s Review 

7/10 – It is based on AI, and AI can be good to take inspiration from but currently it is not at the level to write SEO copies which are as good as a human would write. 

Yoast SEO plugin 

If you are using WordPress for your content and do not have Yoast SEO plugin then you have no idea what you are missing out on. Yoast SEO plugin is your free little SEO analyzer that tells you all the missing things your SEO content has with great emphasis on SEO copy aspects like title and meta description. 

Even ZeroAdo crew used Yoast SEO plugin for SEO copywriting. [Source – Yoast SEO Plugin]
  • It highlights it to you if your headline copy is too long or short for the meta title. 
  • It also highlights if you have stuffed keywords or have not added keywords to your headline. 
  • It lets you know very clearly that your meta description sucks because it is either too long or too short and further highlights if you have used the keyword at the right place in meta description. 


Absolutely free! 

Srishti’s Review 

8/10 – Sometimes the suggestions it gives are too SEO oriented and can hamper user experience if implemented. 

Gemini or ChatGPT

When it comes to doing any work, I am always trying my best to find ways to automate my work and find the best ways to complete my work fast, make sure it is of top-tier quality, and with the least amount of effort. And what better way to do that than ‘ChatGPT-ing’ it. 

ChatGPT or Gemini are versatile tools and just like they can do everything else they can act as SEO copywriting tools as well. 

  • They can help you analyze the tone of your copy and tell if it is conveying your message or not. 
ChatGPT is one of the best SEO copywriting tools.
ChatGPT is one of the best SEO copywriting tools. [Snapshot from ChatGPT]
  • They can give you an alternate word to help you enhance your copy or help you make it better. 
ChatGPT can be used as an SEO copywriting software.
ChatGPT can be used as an SEO copywriting software. [Snapshot from ChatGPT]
  • You can do keyword research as well as keyword filtering using these tools. 
Using ChatGPT as one of the SEO copywriting keyword tools.
Using ChatGPT as one of the SEO copywriting keyword tools. [Snapshot from ChatGPT]
  • If you need to write a copy for a specific photo, then you can share the image with these tools and they will help you write a copy or atleast give ideas on the same. 
Use Gemini SEO copywriting tool to write copies for images.
Snapshot from Gemini



Srishti’s Review 

10/10 – who wouldn’t like a free tool that can act as my personal assistant? 

Copywriting tools for SEO to write top-tier copies at speed

The aforementioned tools are not just SEO copywriting tools, they are a treasure! These are the best tools which have been picked up from thousands of other tools in the market. 

These tools are not just best at what they do but are also the most cost-effective at least till now. So go ahead and try these to make huge bucks for your business with top-notch SEO copies.